Milestones, and we hang the breastfeeding boots at 31 months


Last week my 2.7 year old girl finally learnt to peddle her tricycle on her own. And we finally took the training wheels off the 5-year old’s bike. Am I feeling proud of the achievements of these little ones or what! Oh, and slowly but surely Lil Missy is kissing booby bye. Its been 36n hours since her last feed. Happy dance!

Teaching a toddler to peddle was one of the hardest things I’ve done recently. I explained everything right but she still needed someone to push her around and that can be tiring. Then one day she just did it. And you should have seen the triumphant look on her face.

But the hardest thing was stopping her from breastfeeding. I new I wanted my children to breastfeed at least to two years. So after two years, everyone kept looking at us wondering when we were going to stop this thing.

This was someone who cold negotiate and haggle for nyonyo. “Mum nipee tidogo tu (Just a little mum),”she would say. “”Give me one nyonyo,” she would persist. And sometimes I gave her one and she would happily jump off my lap. But most times one is not enough. So after exhausting the right one, she would then ask for the other one, then tell me “√Źmeisha,”as she pulls down my top. Yes, we were long overdue this breastfeeding thing.

But my girl wasn’t quite ready to say bye to boobie and neither was I. After breastfeeding everyday for 31 months, it can become a thing, our thing. I wasn’t quite ready to stop.

Then over the past month i just felt fed up and tired. I no longer wanted to breastfeed her. Her cry for nyonyo made me want to run and hide.Then I knew it was time to stop. So I went to the tried and tested method of chillie on boobie. I generously appplied chilli sauce on my nipples and called her for a feed. !5 or so seconds later she stopped, looked at me confused and said, “kali.” Then left to go watch cartoons.

We would fall off the wagon over the next few days, mostly because I just felt like breastfeeding her, but whenever I got tired, I picked up my chilli and showed it to her and told her “Nyonyo ni kali.”

Yesterday I got home and I was carrying her, she eyed my boobs like a teenager eyeing a young lass, then laughed out saying, “Nyonyo ni kali”.

So, yes, chilli works i stopping breastfeeding.