Classes needed here!

Bible study

Today I read Titus 2:3-5 and burst out in laughter. Classes needed here.

Titus was saying that older women need to be:

  • Reverent
  • Not given to slander
  • Not addicted to much wine
  • Teaching what is good

In turn these older women were to train young women to:

  • Love their husbands
  • Love their children
  • Be self controlled
  • Be pure
  • Be busy at home
  • Be kind
  • Be subject to their husbands.

Why? So that no one will malign the word of God.

Who else like me feels like they need classes in the above?

Clearly you can be taught how to love your husband. And who ever thought you’d need knowhow on loving children? And being self controlled, kind, pure, busy at home, submitting?

And we are to learn these from older women who disciplined and spirit-controlled, who have mastered their tongue and have themselves learnt to be reverent. describes these as older women who are living “like holy priests serving in the presence of God. Their sacred personal devotion to the Lord has slowly come to influence every aspect of their lives.”

I long for such an older woman from whom I can get encouragement and perspective. Loving my husband is hard. Submitting to him can be a mountain I don’t care to climb. Loving my children is hard. Staying pure is hard. Don’t even go to the part about being busy at home. Or being kind. Or not blowing up at everything. Have you had episodes in your life that needed motherly advice and not from your mother? That’s what I am talking about.

The scary part is that I am an older woman to some fresh-eyed bride. Do I fit the cut of a teacher? Do I have anything worth sharing? Can I open up my life to share on what I have learnt so far on loving my husband and children and reining my emotions?

One thought on “Classes needed here!

  1. master's garment says:

    Your honesty is admirable, few are that self searching.
    When we are brutal with ourselves before God, coupled with humility, then God will give us His grace (power to overcome sin-Roman6:14) and fill us with His Spirit. These two being what we need to obey His erstwhile impossible commands.
    And they are utterly impossible to us husbands and fathers too. For example ponder on this one:
    “Do all things without grumbling and faultfinding and complaining [against God] and questioning and doubting [among yourselves],”
    Philippians 2:14 AMPC

    All Things Lord? ‘Yes’, He will say, by His power when we show up to Him totally sincere and bowed.


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