Marriage: A formidable team of two

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“Scissor blades frequently go in different directions, but they are most powerful when coming together.”

Three incidents in the last one month starkly stand out in my mind. All of them relate to oneness of purpose in marriage. During a couple’s retreat I attended, Rev and Mrs Kwame Rubadiri spoke about the need for spouses to serve together or in ways that complement each other, giving an example of their lives where they have always served in a way that allows them to be together. They seemed to imply that serving in church (and other ministry) should not pull a couple apart but help them achieve oneness in marriage.

Later a friend was telling me that she needed to find out what her husband’s mission was so she could align herself as a wife to that and be able to support him.

“If my husband goes to work out of the country today, the fact is that I will pack my bags and follow him. If he decides God is calling him to be a pastor, that affects me,” she said seeming to hold to heart Paul’s word in I Cor 11:9 when he says ““for indeed man was not created for the woman’s sake, but woman for the man’s sake.” She seeks to serve her husband in all ways.

Finally last weekend at a seminar one man expressed concern that there were few common grounds between his area of service and his wife’s. He wondered if God could send one spouse to work in Wajir while the other’s ground was in Kajiado.

It’s then I stumbled on an article by Ngina Otiende, author and blogger at Intentional Today, where in encouraging couples to seek unity of purpose, she challenged them to ask themselves this question: “Why does my marriage exist?”

Why does your marriage exist?

Ngina went on to explain: “I believe the reason we are married is because God thought we would have greater impact in the Kingdom as team of two. The dynamic of teamwork is meant to transform you to a powerhouse.Marriage is supposed increase your impact and effectiveness

“Now you can be quite formidable as a single person. In fact some of the most sold-out, on-fire, storming-the-gates-of-hell-kind-of-people are single. And I believe that’s why God takes that singular power (or potential) and multiplies it in a marriage union. At least that’s what’s supposed to happen,” writes Ngina.

Now I liked that. Do I know what I am called to do, and what my husband is called to do (Be), and did we have a game plan or revelation on how to harmonise these visions and agendas to be a formidable team in God’s kingdom?


Ecclesiastes 4: 9 says “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labour”.

Jesus also said in Mathew that where two or three are gathered in his name, he is there, and many preachers and writers have pointed out that there is no better two than a married couple.

Once you are married, you are not meant to walk (or cycle) your path alone. You are nor supposed to pursue your purpose in isolation. You aren’t meant to achieve your dreams alone. Becoming one, behaving like one, is part of God’s plan for a husband and wife (Genesis 2:24-25).

We are a formidable team when we parent as two. We are formidable when we pray as a team… when we invest as one… when we serve as one… when we plan together…

Strong alignment is the secret to a truly strong marriage.

Christian blogger Liam Naden compares marriage to a bike ride, where you have to stick together to stay together. Be on the same ‘journey’ – always, and at the same time.

“Unfortunately, many couples forget to stay on the same road. They think they’re going in the right direction and are both aiming for the same place – which is of course to be happy – but they forget that the journey is the most important part,” she says.

Ngina observes that for many couples, the being-marriedness begins to consume their energy and focus.

“We get wrapped up with “us” – our lifestyle, our problems and squabbles, our future, our money, our careers, our family, our house, our us us,” she writes. “We rarely pause to ask “Wait a minute… Did God have a specific thing in mind when He hooked us up?””

A purposeful marriage is made up of two purposeful individuals. You need to figure out what your purpose is as an individual first. What has God called you to do? Then harmonise that in marriage- two dreams becoming one.

“Remember that purpose is not something you assign yourself. Purpose proceeds from God. He deposits desires and dreams in our hearts and then stirs us toward achieving them,” she asserts.

The power in “agreement”, “unity”, “oneness”, “being one” and “covenant” holds the potential to radically transform your marriage.

Writer Dennis Rainey says that oneness is about a husband and wife who are grafting intimacy, trust, and understanding with one another and chiseling out a common direction, purpose and plan.

Intimacy. Trust. Common direction. Purpose. Plan.

He concludes: “A oneness marriage demands a lifetime process of relying on God and forging an enduring relationship according to His design. It’s more than a mere mingling of two humans—it’s a tender merger of body, soul, and spirit.”

Big goal, merger of body, soul and spirit. Is it even attainable?

Ngina says that the decision to work as one takes an intentional choice on the part of both spouses.

Nadem says couples need to be one when it comes to goals, values and core beliefs. Do you want the same things? Do you support each other in individual goals? Are the same sorts of things important to you? Are you on the same page about fundamental issues such as bringing up children, lifestyle, finances, health and spirituality?

“The more aligned you are in your marriage the faster you can move ahead and the more you can enjoy the journey of your life,” says Nadem.

couple hands

 How to align yourselves

Talk: No matter where you are in your marriage, think about and talk about your goals, values and beliefs. Align them as much as possible. Be on the same journey, on the same road.

Prayer: Through prayer God reveals His purpose to you and your spouse. David Penley, author of Couple Connect says it’s important for couple to pray together. “Prayer acknowledges Christ as the Lord of your marriage. It connects you together spiritually. It allows you to hear each other’s thoughts and prayers, which helps you understand your spouse better. It brings a special intimacy as you seek God together. Hearing God’s word together fosters discussion of God’s direction and plan,” he says. Since God is the architect and builder of marriages, as we ask God for wisdom and search the Scriptures, He supplies the skill to build our homes. Kate Scoggins opines that you cannot have a successful marriage without prayer.

Support each other: Nadem writes that part of honouring God in your marriage means to support and push your spouse in fulfilling their purpose. Husbands and wives unite and align on their individual purposes and thus the purpose in marriage.

Have you found the purpose your marriage exists?





David Penley WHAT IS ONENESS? — A Couple’s Bible Study




2 thoughts on “Marriage: A formidable team of two

  1. master's garment says:

    I love conversations on human relationships because God’s word the Bible is full of them, and, because we’re in relationships 24/7. Marriages are at the fore of them, they impact us the most and for the longest I believe.
    On How to Align Yourselves, I want to add ‘Die to Your Self’. Ephesians 5;20-21 the well known, and probably most abused verse in marriage, I find talks about death of Self.
    Self is the hardest thing to kill in the whole wide world.
    Men and women are very, Self-entitled, Self-centered, Self-ish.
    For a man to love his wife as Christ did the church, he has to die to self as Jesus did for us.
    For a woman to respect her husband, she has to knife and kill self.
    Only one command comes before these two in marriage “love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul and all your strength.
    So unless where a spouse is asking/requiring another to do something that involves not loving God (that is,not obeying God, since Love is equated to Obedience in John 14;15,21), then we are to die to preferences, comforts, entitlements, rights etc and be like Jesus in our marriages.
    Jesus also gave a blanket command “I new command I give you, as I have loved you, love one another” John 13:34
    He also knew it is an IMPOSSIBILITY for any man or woman to do, on their own.
    Enter the Holy Spirit. He is an enabler. But He is very very gentle. Only enables those who hold everything on open palms. My time, my body, my space, my job, my school, have all to change to His, then HE will direct me on where and how to apply. He teaches me ALL things.
    “But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have told you.” John 14:26
    Jesus also said in Acts 1:8 “but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses”
    Being ‘a witness’ is more than ‘bearing witness’ the latter is just spoken, the former is living out a lifestyle. The life pattern of Jesus.

    Thus a marriage where the Jesus pattern of dying to self is taken up by both, awesome Union, fellowship, Oneness is attained. The two become a Formidable Force, the kind that we are told can “put Ten Thousand to flight”.
    The beauty is, even when only one spouse takes up the Jesus pattern, there is tonnes of peace in that marriage (peace is a very scarce aspect in marriages) as they become like Christ who even “when He was reviled. did not revile back, He did not retaliate or make threats, but entrusted Himself to the One who is able to judge justly” 1 Peter 2:23

    May we all Die to Self and truly live!


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