Trust God to fill gaps in your marriage


Over the last two weekends I attended two weddings where the pastor/priest preached from the narrative of Jesus’ first miracle at the wedding in Cana of Galilee. The first sermon was by a reverend from PCEA St Andrews Church in Nairobi while the other was from a priest at St John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Karen. [Btw, baraka kwa ndoa Sheilla, Jay and Mary].
I learned several things.

1. Jesus’ first recorded public miracle happened at a wedding. Jesus was invited and attended the wedding. He thought the ceremony and the people important enough to take up his time. Weddings are significant life events. As you send out guest cards to the Women’s Rep and incoming MCA, remember to invite Jesus  into your union from the start. He’s a good ally to have on a long life journey. Make your vows before God. Whether done in  a church, at the AGs or in  a garden, Jesus would love to be a part of your celebration and union.

2. Surround yourself with people who care about you and your marriage. Have people who know Jesus in your close circle. Mary saw the wine run out at the wedding and she rose up to save the day. She knew a person who could handle that. She took the matter to Jesus and didn’t mind his seeming rebuke at her intervention. You will need people who see things going wrong in your marriage and instead of running to the gossip mill with the story, they run to their knees to pray for you. They take your troubles personally. They take your unfaithful spouse or lack of a child or financial problems like their own. And they take these to Jesus without you ever asking. And they do not give up till they know Jesus has heard and he’s working on it.

3. It’s good to prepare for your wedding and for marriage but be assured there will be surprises along the way, some of them nasty. The Cana couple invited guests, made food and wine and got ready to rock the party. But sometimes our best preparations fall short. The unexpected happens. Things go awry. Best intentions are misconstrued. Misfortune knocks. Wine runs out. Our efforts becomes inadequate. Grace huisha. What happens then when the gaps emerge and we feel our human strength, wisdom, resources or grace failing?

4. Jesus fills the gaps in our marriages, all you need to do is ask. He mends the gaping holes. He covers our inadequacies. And the beauty is that his gifts are far superior than what we can accomplish by our efforts. The wine by Jesus was the best the wedding party was gonna have that day. It was way superior than what had been brewed. God’s intervention will leave no doubt that one greater has been in our midst. His healing will leave those around you astounded. His wine will be perfect. Sometimes we joke about dire circumstances in our lives and say that only a miracle can redeem that. Well, Jesus can perform the miracle that will save your marriage. If all you need is a miracle to have that man come home again or to keep the job from going, then smile because we have a miracle worker in our midst. Just ask him for help.

Have you invited Jesus to your marriage? Does he know where the problem is in the union? Tell him and trust him to fill the gaps with his superior wine.


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