Growing a balcony garden in the city

I remember the first garden Iever planted. It was for kale, fenced off with twigs to keep hungry chicken away from the young shoots. I was about 8-years old.

Plants need water, and having no piped water where I grew up, I needed to fetch at least 10 litres of water every day from a stream about 2km away from home, down a hill. That climb was torturous. But for my plants, I gladly did it.
After that I grew cabbages (well, they never really formed I guess because of lack of succicient water) and tomatoes. Ever since I have loved growing things. Even when I was a single grl and carefree, i managed to keep a cactus without killing it.

Now, I have  a struggling balcony garden comprising sage, two rosemary plants, three stunted cypress/cedar/fir (one of those), basil, spinach, green peppers and several flowering plants whose names I do not know.

My husband keeps threatening to dismantle the struggling garden if I do not make it look good, but honestly, I can see my neighbour’s balconies where plants died and are yet to be buried, months on. My balcony has life even though it may not look like it can feature in Apartment Therapy.

I have not given up hope and here is my inspiration.

I love the use of colour on the pots and the plants. Of course the hanging buckets.

This is so comfy, especially with the introduction of a mat and pillows.

This looks like a spot for breakfast while spying on the neighbours.

Simple, uncluttered.


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