Pimp your back yard

Is your backyard lifeless, full of dying plants and a struggling garden?
Get inspired by these gorgeous patios to breath life into your own space and make it a haven for you, your children and guests.
Your back (or front) yard can be that place where you create many wonderful memories of barbecues, bike falls, family lunches, or you can make it the place that helps your weekend feel like a weekend.

This owner decided to focus on lots of grass and plants (they probably have lots of kids and dogs :-)). They have also used curtains to create privacy for the veranda and keep the sun out.

I love the size of this backyard, and its simplicity. It is the kind of place to have a Sunday barbecue while the kids play on the grass.

 Who said the space outside can’t have colour?

The owner of this house clearly knows hot to balance between space for riding the trike, for mommy and guests to have a cuppa and for the dog to roll on the grass.

And who needs a hotel dinner reservation when you got this? Friends will be begging to crash at your house.

 More use of accents, and a bit of modern architecture.

For furniture here’s the outdoor version of a lazy boy.

With these seats all you need is cosy pillows and an extension of your veranda and whum! you got yourself a cosy haven.

Proof that your backyard does not have to be huge to be gorgeous.

A totally doable Nairobi version.


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