Strong women can lead Kenya

Martha Karua. Phot: Courtesy

She is loved and hated in equal measure. Whether we like it or not, she is the only woman who can hack it into Kenyan presidency come 2012.

I knew this when I listened to some old drunk men on my way home the other day. These are Kikuyu men from Kiambu, and old. I would expect them to defend the status quo in our country and to protect the political class of the likes of Mwai Kibaki, Uhuru kenyatta, Saitoti, Mudavadi and Raila. But nah! They said that they were going to vote for her, that woman, Martha Karua.

I agree with them on the point that she could be the something different that this country needs.

Women bicker a lot. They fight, rig each other out of elections through malice, hate each others guts; but women will never descend to the levels of grand corruption we see in our country. Their chamas will never get to the same point as the gold buddy league we see.

There may be injustice in a woman’s tenure. But it will not be the gross injustice against the mwananchi. It will be instead be against the man who opposes her, or the woman she never liked. Injustice all the same but petty.

Do they have the guts to lead this country? We mean, can they command the armed forces and sack a corrupt Central Bank governor? Yes.

Are they bold enough to blatantly steal from the masses and condone both high and low level corruption? I don’t think so. And I bless them for that.


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