Brangelina babies photos sell for a stupefying Sh900 million

I love pictures of babies… babies I know, babies I don’t know, babies I will never meet nor do I care to. Recently when I put a desktop picture of a big cute baby gal, a colleague dissed me and told me to go get my own.

My fascination with other people’s baby pictures might have something to do with that fact that I do not have any of my own- for some reason the youngest I ever saw myself was at more than a year old. And even then I did not offer the most flattering model to the Village (more like district) cameraman who passed by every Sunday. I was so totally afraid of the cam that I was always crying in photos… and goes my sad but short affiliation with them pics.

Now I was stupefied when I heard that the Brangelina twin photos were sold to People magazine for $14 mil (Sh896 million).

Previously when People paid a reported $4 million to publish pictures of Brangelina’s earlier contribution to the human race in 2006, the issue actually sold out.

Certain sectors of the population — I’m taking a wild guess that most of them are women — get a kick out of seeing pictures of babies that were birthed by people they will never meet.


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