Modesty desperately needs a comeback in our society

I am not quite aware of the legal proceeding following rape or sexual assault but I was quite shocked when the medical officer from Nairobi Women’s Hospital came under fire in court for not asking about the sexual history of the three girls filing defilement case against Java Coffee House former proprietor Jon Cardon Wagner.

The girls aged between 13 and 14 may not be as innocent when it comes to theirs sexual history as we may assume from their ages but that is beside the point.

I do not even know why the law requires that one divulges their sexual history, because whether they were virgins or the everyday whore, rape or defilement cannot be excused. And whether I am sexually innocent or not, that in no way diminishes the injustice done to the girls. It is even more embarassing having to expose them in such a way.

Ok, I come from the school of thought that believes sexual matters are srrictly personal. And that is why I could not understand how, in Edith Fortunate’s feature on child pornography in The Saturday Standard, some girl (aged 15) could have sex in front of a jam-packed audience. Like, how?

 I have lots of problems with a man I am not intimate with viewing many parts of my body. But heck, having sex omundu omundu, not in front of a camera crew, but in front of an audience that could include everybody you know, from your brothers, to your primary school teacher!

And talking of modesty… it seems I am not the only one who thinks like that. A friend of mine told me that there was no way she could share the shower with a man who was not her boyfriend. He may have been a one night stand but some things like taking a shower to her, were too intimate. mmmh…


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