Being a perfectionist will work against you

Something interesting about progression in life is that you become more and more pre-occupied with the need for happiness. You have struggled, worked hard, so you deserve the good life- right? You deserve a well-paying job that you enjoy and that can earn you respect, you deserve cool and faithful friends, a man who treats you right, a house that compliments your style… the works.

But what if these things do not come? What if even after your prestigious Masters degree the job you get is still crap? What if even after doing everything possible to be the prime catch, you end up attracting less than the most appealing choice for a spouse? What if you have done everything right and you are 37, fabulous and single?

Do you set the bar a little lower or do you continue believing that because you are a prime catch, you can only end up with the prize job, car, house, man, may be even kids and in-laws….

I just think we are becoming a society of perfectionist that expects nothing but the best from everybody including our employers, mothers and children. And we are becoming less and less patient with weaknesses. A child who is a nuisance is spirited to boarding school. An annoying mother is prohibited from coming to your home, ever. A lousy husband/boyfie is dumped like a hot potato.

Do we ever sit to ponder on the gaping holes we have in our characters and personalities? Who said we are perefect? Someone else has to put up with our perfectionisms anyway? And truth is every great trait can also be irritating to someone else. Your great education can make you aloof. Your great job can make you a busy body who never has time for others. Your great body can make you proud.

Let’s extend grace if we want to receive the same.


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