I’m not ready to be big mama yet

I live in a typical African society in the 21st Century where it is difficult to draw a line between what’s cool because that’s what we love and what’s cool because Westernisation says so. Take weight issues for example.

Where I grew up, the bigger you were, the better of you were thought to be doing., I grew up a skinny kid- it was assumed my mum didn’t feed me well. I went to high school then college and maintained my stick-slim figure- everyone thought books were stressing me. Then I got a job and there, I started piling on the kg’s. I got stressed. My tummy was no longer flat, cellulite was marring my once cute boyish figure and I could no longer fit in my size 10 clothes! What can be more distressing than kissing your cute top bye because you are overflowing out of it!

But some men (those who still the African mentality that big is beautiful) were all over me. I could not make up my mind. Did I want the big bum that drew attention whenever I walked on the street, or did I want my stick-slim figure that allowed me to wear almost anything. IO have always admired big mamas. Not big in the sense of size 16’s and 18’s but more in the sense of a healthy rotund bum, some chubby cheeks, some boob room.. busty and booty- you get it.

But if the cost of that is love handles that no crunches can get rid of and stretch marks that make you look like a human Zebra, then no thanks… So I am hitting the gym, even if I feel like it is gonna kill me but scrimping on meals is easier… city market fruit salad parlour, here I come.

Until… baby fat kicks, then menopause, then welcome big mama


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